Wine Tasting Events

Whitewater’s Wine Tasting Events offer you a chance to experience whitewater at its best through food, wine and culture as you will have a dedicated waiter who is not only knowledgeable about the dishes presented but also the wine and its heritage.

Whitewater’s last wine dinner with Kinkelwood was a huge success. Our wine dinners are bi-monthly so be sure to join us for our next evening of fabulous food and wine. Join our mailing list to receive information of our next wine dinner Express Your interest Today

Our Past Wine Event

There are a few more helpful tips, but in essence, trying more wine is one (necessary) way to learn about it. Wine has its own solitary life then lifts and changes when married with food. So, one way to learn about wine is to visit the cellar door. Another way to learn more about wine is to enjoy it over dinner. And, the dinner gets even better when the winemaker is present to not only tell you about his wine but to also let you discover more about organic and biodynamic wine making. Read Full Article from Sydney Scoop...