School Etiquette Program

Whitewater offers an excellent opportunity to reinforce education of proper etiquette and good manners, as well as strengthen the ability to interact with others. Our interactive program teaches courtesy, respect and sensitivity for others through role-playing exercises and activities. Our aim is to work with students to build a solid foundation for proper etiquette that will last a lifetime.

Possessing good manners helps children build confidence, increase self-esteem, improve communication skills, make friends, and create a positive impression on others Upon completion students will receive their certificate in the area of table manners..

  • Table Settings
  • Setting Navigation
  • Proper Use of Napkins
  • Utensils
  • Setting the Table
  • Continental Style of Dining
  • Eating Common Foods
  • Behavior at the Table
  • Seating a Girl or Women
  • Conversation at the Table
  • Entering and Exiting the Table
  • Mealtime Manners
  • When to Begin Eating
  • When to Finish Eating
  • Resting and Finished Positions