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Dessert Menu

In-house Patisserie & Our Desserts

Be prepared to expand your dessert repertoire a with a selection of desserts designed by our in-house executive chef  Jason Collingbourne

So next time you are at Whitewater finish your meal on a sweet note with Jason’s great selection of dessert recipes including cheesecake, chocolate delights, ice-cream, sorbet and so much more you are sure to be impressed

Throughout his 20 year career, Jason, who is best known for his desserts, has always stayed true to a mixture of techniques, focusing on pantry ingredients favorites like chocolate and fresh fruits to deliver the very best to satisfy a craving sweet tooth

” I hate things boring and plain – I want to bring excitement to something as simple as a chocolate, I spend hours perfecting my recipes so that when the dessert is served it is savoured with every bite and excites passion with every spoonful.”  – Jason Collingbourne

Dessert Menu